About Us

PilotTraining.com was set up by actual pilots undergoing training and experiencing the challenges that stand before you in reaching your dreams of becoming a pilot.

The website was set-up due to the distinct shortage of reliable and accurate aviation resources online. Aviation websites are traditionally old-fashioned in style but it is our goal to make the pilot training experience more appealing and interesting which more accurately reflects the day-to-day experience that awaits you.

Becoming a pilot is the dream of many who seek a professional career which is filled with constant challenges and frequent travel and many people throughout the world come to the United States for pilot training governed by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). We provide a resource of available flight schools in the continental US, each of which offers a unique experience and an opportunity to live somewhere completely different which is good practice for the road ahead.

Although our service will cater for students worldwide, we will predominantly focus on pilot training in the context of the US and hence the FAA flight standards. We will guide you in terms of the typical syllabus of each course; Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot, Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor. Each of these courses can come in different formats which will be explained on different pages at PilotTraining.com. We will also give you an idea of training costs and provide direct links to the relevant contacts of flight schools in order to get things in motion if you have yet to begin the exciting adventure that stands before you.